EBW 36 centrifuge CMI

CMI centrifuges and process equipment are available in a number of models, sizes and configurations that dramatically reduce operating costs. Our sturdy, reliable and competitively priced products are designed to maximize functionality, operational efficiency and useful life. Our product solutions include centrifuges, classifiers, dewatering equipment and heavy media recovery units.

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CMI also partners with Minco Tech to supply classifying and heavy media cyclones to US markets. Minco Tech supplies over 90% of the Australian coal industry's cyclones.

 EBR 42 centrifuge CMI

CMI Screen Scroll Centrifuges

CMI’s Screen-Scroll Centrifuges are some of the most recognizable within the coal preparation industry. While the CMI Screen-Scroll Centrifuges have been proven to be the workhorses of the coal preparation industry, the benefits of these centrifuges have also been seen within such other industries as salts, crystalline chemical processes and environmental remediation projects.

CMI’s Screen-Scroll Centrifuges include three distinct models:


The CMI Model EBR, which can dewater coarser particles ranging from 1 1/2" to 28 mesh


The CMI Model EBW, which can dewater finer particles from 1 mm to 150 mesh.


The Horizontal CMI Model HSC, which can dewater the same particles sizes as the Model EBR or the Model EBW.